At Ivy Commons Family Chiropractic in Charlottesville, VA, we are dedicated to providing quality chiropractic care for individuals who have sustained auto accident injuries, such as whiplash. This injury occurs when your head is moved frontward and backward suddenly. We offer a holistic approach for treatment, which addresses the root causes of pain and helps improve your health and wellness. You can learn more about whiplash and how the condition is treated below:

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Comprehensive Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Our team offers a wide range of personalized services designed to effectively treat auto accident injuries. After a thorough assessment and diagnosis, we will develop an individualized treatment plan that is designed for your specific needs.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Neck Pain

Whiplash can cause a variety of symptoms, including upper back pain and discomfort in the cervical spine. We provide adjustments to realign the spine, reduce pain, and improve your mobility.

Massage Therapy for Recovery

Therapeutic massage techniques can reduce muscle tension, promote relaxation, and enhance healing. Once you receive approval from your healthcare provider, we can develop customized massage appointments to target specific regions affected by whiplash.

Rehabilitative Exercises

We provide a tailored exercise program, which can help improve your strength and mobility. Our team is dedicated to helping you recover and experience less discomfort.

Additional Chiropractic Services for Whiplash

Some additional treatments that we offer include heat therapy, cold therapy, and electrical stimulation. Our chiropractor may suggest therapy sessions, depending on your stage of recovery and the type of injuries sustained.

Why Choose Our Car Accident Chiropractor?

We have an experienced team that understands that that auto accidents can impact your overall health. Once we evaluate your condition, we will provide you with prompt treatment that helps reduce the pain caused from whiplash. Not only that, but with treatment we can also prevent further complications and help you recover faster. We are committed to helping you achieve long-term relief and improving your health.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of whiplash that are affecting your day-to-day activities, let our team at Ivy Commons Family Chiropractic in Charlottesville, VA, help. We utilize a variety of chiropractic treatments that can eliminate your discomfort and help you return to your normal routine quickly. To schedule your initial consultation, contact our office at (434) 293-2779 today!