Chiropractors often point out that body Pregnancy merely marks the beginning of physical stresses that motherhood places on new moms. Once the baby is delivered, a new mother must lift her six to ten-pound bundle of joy repeatedly, from crib tub to car seat, ect. At the end of the year, a mother ‘s lifting a 17-pound child, and two years later, a mother’s lifting chores involve a 25- to 30-pound child. To complicate matter further, mothers frequently have to contort themselves into awkward positions, lifting uncooperative children in and out of hard-to-reach places. Is it any wonder that new mothers complain of back pain? The birth of your child should mark the beginning of your own chiropractic treatment.

P.S. Carrying a child-laden removable car seat in the crook of one arm sets mothers (and fathers) up for injury.

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