When any of the seven cervical vertebrae that comprise the neck experience misalignment (called “subluxation”), one might expect the pain to be localized. Yet, misalignment of the cervical vertebrae may also cause organic disorders such as headache; migraine; dizziness; deafness; sinus trouble; and other problems involving the head, neck, shoulders, and the tissues and organs contained therein. This is due to the fact that nerve roots emerge through spaces in the cervical vertebrae, providing the nerve energy that controls blood supply to the brain, function of the ears, and the working of various other organs and processes in the head and upper body. If this nerve energy were to be impeded, it might result in the organic disorders listed above.

P.S. Because nerve energy controls a wide variety of the body’s organs and systems, the chiropractor may be able to successfully treat problems that involve the extremities and other areas than simply the spine.

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