As concern about the potentially detrimental effects of concussion rises among chiropractors and other health professionals, a simple sideline test has been developed that can quickly and accurately diagnose concussions in athletes. The procedure, known as the King-Devick Test, assesses a range of brain functions. It involves asking the affected athlete to read single-digit numbers on index-sized cards, which normally takes about a minute. The need for more time to complete the test is an indication that a concussion has occurred, especially if the player needs more than five seconds beyond his or her baseline test time. This simple test detects impairments in eye movement, attention, language, and other symptoms of concussion, which may help prevent subsequent injury.

P.S. The brain acts as the body’s central computer, relaying messages to various parts of the body through a network of nerves that run down the spinal cord and through the back, branching out to every organ and body part.

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