Chiropractic is one of the primary proponents of the philosophy of health maintenance as a means of illness prevention. To determine whether taking this proactive approach would result in any real-world benefit, researchers recently undertook a study of patients with chronic, non-specific, low-back pain. They found that, after the first month of the study, patients receiving spinal manipulation treatments experienced significantly less pain and disability than those receiving sham (placebo) treatments. After ten months, the spinal manipulation group maintained improvements in pain and disability; those in the sham group reverted to pre-treatment pain and disability levels. The study shows that low-back pain sufferers who manage their conditions with regular chiropractic treatments fare better than those who go without maintenance care.

P.S. With maintenance care, the body stands its best chance of averting problems that could potentially become chronic.

Chronic pain’s emotional effects may include depression, anger, as well as anxiety. If you or someone you love suffers from chronic pain it is important to get help.

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