Koren Specific Techniques, also known as KST, is a relatively new chiropractic treatment specialization. The treatment modality was developed by Dr. Ted Koren, and places a direct focus on what individual bodies need in order to obtain optimal health. Dr. Koren developed his method of treatment from his own research and a combination of research conducted by other practitioners. Here at Ivy Commons Family Chiropractic, our doctor employs KST in the treatment of many of our patients. Here are some reasons you may want to consider KST when you visit your chiropractor.

Release, Detoxify, and Reduce

Most people are unaware of the damage that a misalignment of the spine can cause their bodies. When there is a subluxation in the spinal column, it creates a direct miscommunication between the brain and the systems of the body. The three main causes of spinal misalignments include: environmental toxins, physical injuries, and emotional disturbances. KST techniques are used here in our Charlottesville office to help expedite the process of locating subluxations, so that the body can begin its natural process of rejuvenating itself. It is important to note that subluxations are not always apparent to patients or practitioners. This is why the practice of KST is so important.

Effective and Result Driven

The most important thing to know about KST is that it can be used to effectively treat persistent issues. People who have had issues with chronic pain and discomfort for a long time often give up on finding a natural remedy for their conditions. Going to a chiropractor for treatment can help with a multitude of conditions, however, KST is a way of improving already effective chiropractic treatment. The technique is used to find the source of what causes the negative reactions in the body. KST calls for the practitioner to examine the body through modes of positioning, sequences of activity, diagnostic methods like x-rays, and the evaluation of the effects of gravity on the body.

Learn More about KST

If you have been dealing with chronic pain and discomfort, and you have tried everything else, KST may be the solution you’ve been looking for. You deserve to be able to live the life you want to live without having to deal with pain and discomfort. Give our friendly chiropractic team here at Ivy Commons Family Chiropractic in Charlottesville a call at (434) 293-2779 today to schedule your appointment.