Staying healthy during flu season isn’t difficult if you take care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle. Take a few minutes every day and practice self-care. Not only will you boost your immune system, you will experience general feelings of wellness that will boost your mood and improve your mental outlook. Cold and flu season doesn’t have to get you down. Follow a few simple rules of good health and enjoy your life as much as possible.

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Get Enough Rest

With today’s fast-paced schedules, finding time to slow down and rest can be difficult. It’s up to you to make sleep a priority. Take a nap in the afternoon, if you can. If you want to get the best possible night’s sleep, put your electronics away an hour before bedtime. This gives you time to relax and mentally unwind so you can actually get the rest you need.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Instead of relying on a multivitamin or supplement, try to eat your vitamins. Include fresh fruits and vegetables that are full of the nutrients you need for good health. Avoid processed sugars and foods that are full of additives and preservatives. Eat smaller meals that are full of high energy foods. Staying healthy never tasted so good.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise strengthens the body, improves cardiovascular function and gives the brain a boost. It helps the body eliminate toxins so that valuable nutrients and oxygen can be utilized more efficiently. Exercise releases endorphins and other chemicals within the body that improve mental function and boost the immune system.

Visit Your Chiropractor Regularly

Visit your chiropractor on a regular basis. Chiropractic care restores balance within the body. This eliminates inflammation and allows the body to function more efficiently. Restoring balance after an injury or illness prompts faster feeling. Maintaining balance during times of wellness is what keeps the body strong and healthy.

Ivy Commons Family Chiropractic Can Help You Prepare for Cold and Flu Season!!

During cold and flu season, visiting our chiropractor on a regular basis may be the key to maintaining good health and wellness. If you live in the Charlottesville area, we at Ivy Commons Family Chiropractic can help you stay on track. By helping you boost your immune system and giving you the physical support you need, you will be able to make it through cold and flu season unscathed.