If you routinely perform repetitive tasks and are experiencing persistent pain, numbness, and burning in your hands or wrists, you may be experiencing the early symptoms of cumulative trauma disorder (CTD). This disorder group includes carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and myofascial pain syndrome. CTD is caused by holding one position for long periods of time, assuming non-neutral postures, cold temperatures, vibrations, localized pressure, and the use of force. To prevent the occurrence of CTD, try taking breaks from repetitive work and relaxing. Avoid muscle strain while holding your hands or wrists in a particular position. Also, avoid snapping or jerking your wrists, and use an even motion instead. Ask the chiropractor to help address the causes of CTD-related pain.

P.S. Other helpful tips on avoiding cumulative trauma disorder include keeping your hands and fingers warm and changing your posture often. Research supports chiropractic care and it works, It’s safe, it saves time and money.

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