According to a study in which the effects of wearing high heels were examined, it was found that their use could lead to hammertoes, corns, calluses, bunions, and ingrown nails. In addition, foot pain, foot deformities, changes in back posture, knee osteoarthritis, and balance impairment were also linked to spike heels. The heels tested among both college-aged women and older women were 2.5 inches in height. It was found that, when the women wore high heels, they came down harder off the step than in flats and also came down harder on the forefoot, where many of the deformities occur. The ill effects of high heels reverberate all the way up the body if left uncorrected.

P.S. In the study mentioned above, older women lost their balance 12 percent of the time and were 9 times more likely to fall when they wore high heels while stepping over a curb-sized platform.

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